BMC Study Guide (Ball)


BM1 EOCT Study Guide (Lombardi)
BM1 EOCT Study Guide (Boyde)
BM1 EOCT Study Guide (Ruiz)
BM1 EOCT Study Guide (Anglebrandt)
BM1 EOCT Study Guide (Longval)
BM1 EOCT Study Guide (Sinke)
BM1 EOCT Study Guide (BM2 Nilles)


BM2 EOCT Study Guide (Regan)

(These study guides are now obsolete with the new course material published. 
They're provided for reference purposes only.)

BM3 study guide (Naylor)
BM3 study guide (Theobald)
BM3 study guide powerpoint (Theobald)
BM3 study guide (Sigle)
BM3 EOCT Study Guide powerpoint (Burkett)
BM3 EOCT Study Guide (Young)

Manuevering Boards and Code Flags

Maneuvering Boards 101 (BMCS Swiatek)
Maneuvering Boards powerpoint study guide
Code Flags Cheat Sheet
Signal Flag Codes Cheat Sheet 

Service-Wide Exam Study Guides

CPO SWE Questions from May 2002 (BMC Spute)
QMC & QMCS SWE Questions from May 2003 (BMC Spute)
QMCS SWE Questions from May 2002 (BMC Spute)
BM SWE Study Notes (Old School Stuff)

Boatswain’s Mate General Knowledge

Resources from BM “A” School (intranet only)
Boatswain's Pipe Student Guide
MLE BO Course Materials and Lesson Plans (CG intranet only)
BO Law References (Harper)
Mobile Boatswain’s M8 app (Apple)
Mobile Boatswain’s M8 app (Android)
MISLE Training
SAR Fundamentals
2008 SAR Fundamentals Study Guide (Liber)
SAR Fundamentals (Valzania)
SAR Policies powerpoint (Baldwin)
NIMS/Incident Command System Training & Tools
NIIMS/Incident Command System (ICS) Online Training (FEMA)
Calculating swing and drag circles spreadsheet (Poen)
A very cool animated website that shows how to tie different knots
Constructing a security zone on the Furuno Navnet NT (Jansen)
Samson Rope Technologies, Inc. splicing guides (includes instructions for USED double braid)
BM Competency Codes (YN3 Whitcomb)
Info on safe combinations (like in the armory)
Knot tying info and links
Lanyards, pipes and BM links of interest
Searchable List of Nautical Terms
Practical factors (EPQs)
Enlisted Advancement System Chart
International Code of Maritime Signals Flags
Semaphore Flag Signaling System
Standard Helm Commands
Maritime Safety Information
Julian Date Calendar
Sample OIC Screening Package
Online listing of local police & rescue agencies

Chart Information

NIMA - US Notice to Mariners
Metric Conversion Calculator
Basic Coastal Navigation
Converting Addresses to LAT/LONG positions
LAT/LONG minutes to degree converter
Chart ordering (you'll need to get a password...this is part one)
Chart ordering (you'll need to get a password...this is part two)
Chart corrections (invaluable listing of corrections for your chart)
NOAA experimental printable chartlets 
NOAA charts and pubs
NOAA online charts
Chart corrections
NOAA online charts (good when you don't have a chart in front of you!)
How to order charts (Hunter)

Weather and Environmental Conditions

Real-time weather conditions from the National Data Buoy Center. (Also includes historical data)
Current NOAA Marine forecast by City/State/Region
Current River Stages (good for inland cutters)
Cold Exposure Survival Model
Cold Water Survival Study Guide (Bagley)
Celestial Navigation
U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Dept.
Find the Tides and Moon Phases
Make your own sunrise/sunset calendar
Be aware that many of the BM EOCT and courses have changed recently. Study guides posted here may be dated now and will not completely prepare you for the test. Read your course material, hit the manuals, and do your homework. No point wasting your time (or your ESO's) if you didn't prepare for the test.
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